Founded in 1977 in Perth, Western Australia, Josco began as an industrial brushware specialist servicing the Western Australia Market, and quickly grew into a successful WA agency business.


A background in engineering equipped Josco with the expertise to expand nationally in the early 1990’s with a range of brushware, plus other interlocking surface finishing brands. A sales and distribution centre was soon opened in Melbourne, together with a manufacturing facility operating out of Adelaide. As the business began to grow, the range of products expanded into hand tools and other complementary engineering products, whilst its core range of surface finishing products continued to innovate and expand.


During the growth of the home improvement market in Australia, Josco responded by adding a consumer offering to the existing industrial range of products for engineering and the trade professional. This consumer range of surface finishing products has now evolved into the market leading brand across Australia and New Zealand.


Throughout their history, Josco have always remained at the forefront of introducing new products to the Australia engineering, hardware and automotive industries across the brush, flap disc, carbide burr and polishing markets. As the business moves forward, Josco’s investment in its people, products and brand will ensure that they continue to provide their customers and consumers with the most efficient, cost effective, and problem solving products into the future.